Thursday, March 31, 2011

Being fed.

I was up early today. And when I say early most all of you would groan at me because technically you were all up way before then....
So what did I do with my time?
Commented on Facebook.
I have been lacking the wit over there.
Not wanting to say much more then "like".
Either someone said what I would say or I was too lazy to come up with something.
I haven't been right in my head lately.
Haven't been myself.
I can't really, I am too busy Trusting God.
The second my focus comes off His timing and plans and Love that's when the flurry of deceit comes in.
We spent the last couple days haggling over a closing date on an offer for the house.
Each time we gave a date, they moved it up closer.
No kidding.
Until finally they said we need to put in writing that they'd get the house a week after the bank approved the offer. There is no guarantee the bank will approve the offer but what if the bank does? and what if it happens in mid-May? We'd have to be out while we are in Disney? right after coming home from Disney? Before the end of the school year?
Oh ho ho, these people have really poked the bear.
I just can't figure out how two people can be so irrational.

So it was left, undecided. We won't commit and they won't re-write the offer.
We have a showing tonight with another couple.
Lets lift up some prayers shall we?
Heavenly Father, Please let our house be appealing to this couple coming tonight. May they feel like they've found home and give a good offer with a decent closing date,
In your Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

I have been reading our Pastor's new book. I posted about it a few posts ago. It is stellar. I haven't put the highlighter down and little nuggets stay with me, that I'll randomly throw out in conversations with my husband. To which he looks at me amazed and I have to confess "Pastor Bob." He nods in the "I kinda figured" sort of way.

So Pastor is talking about Moses and how Moses didn't want to do what God was asking.
He felt he wasn't anything special, that there were plenty of others more talented to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. But God convinces him, He thinks "oh yeah God's gonna make this easy."
And guess what? The Pharaoh says: "No way."
Okay now what? What's with the hurdles? What's with this being hard?
Um cause if it was easy what would you learn?
We gain strength through enduring. The trials are what make us more dependent on God. So when the next task comes along instead of saying Heck no I won't go...We remember that with God we are capable. Our faith grows.
It totally makes sense reading, but applying it, oofda!
Lets talk about our family devotion last night, it was about trusting God.
All around me I'm being fed His promises, His wisdom.

Last night my Husband got a call from a friend of the family's. It brought me to tears what that conversation was about. When I think about it I clearly see that this is a God thing. A generous offer to help. Something deep inside me breaks, because I have very deep wounds from my own family and their selfishness, broken promises; and here is a man who knows us casually and said "I want you to think of us as family. We are here for you."

I ask that if you have read this post today, please pray for our family. That the perfect home will come into view for us. Thank you.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you sell your house quickly!!


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