Monday, April 11, 2011

Blue Bear

I haven't been posting much, not much has changed. That doesn't mean I don't have things to say, it just means I'd be saying the same things.
today however was different. Sin was brought smack dab into our home by this little guy.
 Blue Bear.
Over the weekend we did some errands, one of them to Children's Place, where I got suckered into rationalized buying a couple pair of shorts for Butter.
So we we're trying things on and I was saying "NO." umpteen times to Roo and his "Can I haves..."
Rob was being Rob. Which is; in a store with there music way too loud to hear anything over shouting, oodles of people wanting the exact same size clearance item as you and whining kids galore; he was standing patiently in a corner.
Left the store, fast forward today.
I was looking at the hook my daughter's bag sits on thinking "Huh, that looks like it's about to fall down."
I took the bag off, "What in the world was in this bag! It weighs a ton!"
Lo and behold stuffed in the pocket of her jacket, stuffed inside of her backpack was this blue bear.
Huh, I don't remember seeing this before...
I notice how pristine it looks, then I notice the tag still attached to it. Children's Place.
Rob is standing next to me asking "What's that? Where'd that come from?"
He can see by the look on my face this is not going to be good...
Butter tells us, with red cheeks and darting eyes she got it in the lost and found at school.
Wow can this kid make up a story! Clever.
I look her in the eye and say "You better go back into that room and think about what you are going to tell us when I ask you again."
To be sure I hit the CP website. Sure enough the bear is on clearance and those clearance bins were right by the fitting rooms where she had the opportunity to sneak one.
I gave her 10 minutes, when I went to get her she was sitting on her bed, wringing her hands.
She came clean and told us she stole it. Rob didn't want to hear it, but I encouraged her to describe how and when she did it. I told her we were going back to the store and she would tell them what she did, Rob added that she would have to pay for the item.
I called the store in advance, let them know we were coming in and what had taken place.
This is where I got irritated.
The manager of the store actually laughed when I told her.
NO, she literally thought it was funny.
(I'm not sure at which part: Where I, the parent call in and admit to it or that a 8 year old girl stole something.)
Either way I was unnerved by her reaction. I was trying to teach my child a lesson here and this person thought it was a joke?
Once we got to the store, this girl grinned from ear to ear. Smiling the whole time my daughter shamefully admitted to stealing.
I looked at her and said "Would you please tell my daughter how serious this is and what happens to people when they steal?"
Seriously, If Butter was double her age she'd be sitting in the back of a squad car.
I'm not sure the clerk did anything to deter my child from stealing. All I can hope for is that the shame of going back to the scene of the crime and our disappointment are enough.
She is missing a birthday sleepover this weekend and had to pay for blue bear with money that was suppose to be for spending at Disney.
It is hard to believe this stupid little bear would cause such sin in this sweet girl.

But we all do it, we all sin and today this little blue bear represents it for Butter. Stealing and lying about it. Tonight in devotion we will be talking about forgivenss, right after I go bury this little guy on a deep little pit!

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  1. you might want to keep it around and not bury it....for a reminder. Sometimes we all need those. I am so glad you took her back in and honestly I am not surprised at the clerks response. the same thing has happened to me with my kids. We have to work extra hard to teach our children integrity.

    I remember that I got caught at that age stealing an egg from our neighbors chicken coop. My mom made me go over, ring the door bell and pay a quarter for the egg....I have never forgotten it!!!


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