Thursday, April 28, 2011


I flit from researching, organizing tips, and planning days for Disney; to scouring want adds for rentals.
One makes me happy, giddy; the other
Yesterday we had a showing at a rental. This rental wasn't anything special, wasn't even in the "right" district. (We are trying to stay in our current school district) If not the district at least the same city, so I can drive them to their school on open enrollment. (Gulp, for 2-5yrs)
So this house, When we arrived the guy was hauling out of his trunk a vacuum.
Huh, interesting...
The moment I walk in I notice the kitchen, then I notice there are no appliances and the cupboards are like half open half closed, there's an inch of dust or something on the floor and he's rapidly trying to clean it up.
Next thing I notice is the blinding bold wall color on the front wall. It is a dark denim blue, lets say blueberry. I turn back toward the kitchen and notice that wall. It is the color of pea soup. The green pea not the yellow pea, but that's coming...
Hmmm, interesting...this is going to suck re-painting...
We head down the stairs. It's a walk out. This family room has half laminate floor and half carpet. Stained carpet. And when I say half I am talking straight down the middle of the room half, like somebody had a fight and they chose sides. We entered the mechanical room and there was paint cans galore, and then I noticed the drain, it was full of nasty. (Nasty was all I could make out, I didn't look too closely at it.)
We went upstairs, into the living room.
WOW! I should have brought my sunglasses in here.
Again two different colors on the walls.
One, you guessed it, mustard-dingy yellow. The other color was pomegranate. Awful.
As I was turning to go down the hallway to the bedrooms, the guy says "Do you have any questions?"
Just one: "We could repaint in here right? Like a neutral color?"
"Well, no. My wife is the painter and we don't want to have to repaint after you were to leave."
I'm sorry what did he say?
"Really? Wow, so these colors are staying?"
I walked down the hall, Rob was waiting for me.
"Look at this one." He said leading me to a bedroom.
This one was painted sky blue. Like the kind you see on a super sunny day, blinding and on the ceiling and halfway down the walls were clouds. My face must have said it all because he said;
"What you don't like the blue sky room?"
"Lets go. I don't need to see anymore."
We weren't there more then 5 minutes. I didn't even ask about where the appliances were.
The rent on the fruit bowl/sky room house $1600/month.
You would have to pay ME to live in a fruit bowl.
Not it.
I flit from rentals to houses for sale. There are some really nice homes in short sale right now. Each one I look at I pray for the family that is going through it, just like us.
Rob and my goal was to find a rental, a nice house in a great neighborhood that we could rent long term and once our credit is repaired buy the rental. That is proving to be extremely difficult, since there are no rentals in our price range that we have even considered renting, let alone buying afterward.
There have been a few homes that were just priced a bit higher then we could be comfortable with, but they were homes we could see our selves buying in the end.
You can't afford what you can't afford. Right this minute, it's not affordable.
Rob is pursuing other job opportunities, and if one of them happen that would make all the difference in what would then be affordable. It is crazy that it is a matter of a few hundred dollars.
Blows my human mind.

Yesterday I moved some money around and bought our Magic Your Way tickets for Disney. It felt awesome. This family is going to the happiest place on earth while God figures out the future for this family. I have to chuckle and say NOT.IT. Because I have no control in this situation. I can't provide a job for my husband, a house to magically appear ready and perfect and within our budget. All I can do is pack. Pack for the trip and pack for the move, which I'm not starting until we get back.
So I call NOT.IT

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  1. ugh...i can totally relate....we looked at about 15 rentals...everything from affordable to that we looked at literally had the shower head hanging on the wall by a small hook. the floors were the old subflooring and had gaps between the planks that were large enough to trap small children's feet in between. No central air, no exterior locks (you know...because it's in a very safe neighbor hood...) wrapping paper that was glued to the wall and used as wall paper....AWFUL....

    I feel your pain...we finally settled on a duplex/townhouse/condo (not sure what it's officially called) but it was about $50 more than we wanted to pay per month...however, I am willing to sacrifice eating out/getting starbucks so that we can live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a good school for Caleb....

    I feel ya...this whole situation SUCKS!


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