Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter reflection.

Easter is the time of year that I reflect on the power of love.
The Love the Father has for us. The sacrifice of His love. The pain His loving heart endured for sin.
His love conquered sin.
We went to church on Saturday. Though it seems odd to go to church on Saturday, especially on Easter. It is just the day we go, it's convenient, it's less crowded especially on Easter.
The beginning of the service had both me and Rob choked up, I looked over at him and said "I won't be able to make it through this one if Pastor's "on"."
Our Pastor is a gifted man, and his messages MOVE people.
It was a wonderful, light-hearted, to the point message.
A well balance between the powerful, soul stirring, tear-jerking worship portion.
Sunday morning came and I found myself thinking:
He is not here...he has risen.
I opened the shade and it was the most beautiful sunshine day!
That does not happen up here very often.
The kids were dressed in their Easter outfits and READY to hunt some eggs.
I wanted to get one picture before sending them out...Just one before grass stains and hair tussles.

Do you think it was quick and easy?

 "Mom! This hurts my eyes! It's too bright."
"Roo! You are in the house! Put your hand down and smile."

 "It HURTS! Can't we just go out and look for the eggs?"
"No. Not until I get one picture. A GOOD one. Now put your hand down!" ~ Me
"ROO! Just put your hand down!" ~Butter
"Butter, you just keep smiling, let me worry about him. Roo, I'm serious, I WILL wait here ALL DAY."~ ME

 "MOM! I'm trying! It's too bright!"
"Roo, seriously, knock it off. It is sunnier OUTside. Your butt is going to hurt soon if you don't cooperate." ~Me (yes, I do threaten the spoon for noncooperation. Don't judge me. ;)

(Take that parenting to the bank! The spoon is magic. LOL)

 Just like I predicted grass and dirt stains, along with buckets full of eggs, that he consumed every ounce of chocolate.

It was time to head over to Nana and Papa's for dinner.
This picture took about four tries too. He is such a little stinker sometimes.

See that red face, that's from soaking up the sunshine. Oh man did that feel so good!

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  1. LOL! Y'all are so funny! Love the blue colors on all of y'all, though!!


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