Monday, July 11, 2011

The new place

I have been without Internet for about a week, honestly I haven't had time for it. Everything happened so fast, but I can say that God brought something good out of our situation and is still doing good works. Let me fill you in.
Wednesday June 22nd, Rob and I looked at a town home very near our house (Jefferson). It would allow the kids to stay at the school they were already at, but honestly it was quite small with absolutely no storage. We had looked at this place early on in our search back in February, but deemed it too small, but now facing "the date" with no place to go we thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad for a year... My mind was filled with worry, it did not feel like home in any way, the only comfort to me was the kids lives would stay fairly the same. On Sunday June 26th I answered an add for a rental, I was stunned to be called back almost immediately and asked if we'd like to see the place that evening.We jumped at the chance. We found out our "landlord" lives out of state and that the neighbor would be showing us the place. We were very impressed, and liked it very much. Now it would come down to would he be willing to work with us. God's hand was all over it. We got news Friday we could move in. Saturday July 2 we moved in. We packed the house in 2 days! I mean we literally packed the ENTIRE house in two days. We did a make shift garage sale on a Tuesday and made some good coin. Ordered a dumpster for Tuesday and closed on Jefferson on Thursday.
We were worried about closing. The bank accepted an offer which kept us out of foreclosure, our credit still took a hit but we should be able to be home-owners in the not to distant future.
We arrived early and were able to sign all the papers before the new buyers arrived. We were told we owed nothing and our final water bill was being covered as well. It was finally over. The months of stress. We had our soft place to fall and I am so excited to show you what God has done for us!

Front door, upstairs into living room.

This is the living room, with a bathroom off to the side, that is Piper, she wanted to be in every picture, like she's giving you a tour of her new digs!

 This is the dining room on the opposite wall of the living room, yes our fireplace is in a wonky spot but we didn't want the living area right off the kitchen and the dining down the hall, besides I have the computer desk near the fireplace, just think where I'll be on cold winter days.

 The view from the kitchen. We sold our dining room table in the garage sale. I've wanted a new one for a couple years and I thought this would be a great time to get one, so until Rob has income and we find one we like, we are using the folding table and chairs. Classy, I know.

 The kitchen is still a work in progress, it seems like I change a cupboard around everyday. My cabinets are super tall, I can only reach the first shelf! Luckily I did not sell the step stool!

 Off the kitchen is our "Outdoor room".  (since I took this picture we got an outdoor rug on clearance.) I sit out here every day, it is my grateful place. Not a day goes by that I don't give God thanks for what he has done for us.

 Steps going up to the bedrooms. Tabitha wanted to get in on the tour giving too.

 Nina's room. IF you'll remember we had painted her room at the Jefferson house turquoise blue, this new room matched her bedspread with the green. Unbelievable!

 She finally has her own closet to hang things up, Or I should say where she could hang things up, most things end up on her floor.

 Nick's room, again perfect color match.

 This is our room. I have always wanted a blue room but could never find the right shade. This room spoke to me when we first looked at it. We were in need of new bedding, the bedspread we had was a wedding gift, nearly 10 years old now and I have had to sew it several times already. (Just today I found one at JCPenny's that I plan to watch like a hawk to go on clearance.)

 Our master bath, I bought those rugs last year, look, perfect match! I am so unused to double sinks I don't know what to do with the other one! There is a linen closet behind the door, and a regular tub/shower.

The closet. Oh.My.Word. We have literally quadruple the space of our old closet. A sad fact, my husband takes up over half the new closet with his clothes; makes me laugh.
There you have it our new home.
We were welcomed by nearly all our neighbors, two of whom attend the same church as we do. Both kids have made friends with neighbor-kids, that has never happened. There is a pool in our complex, which the kids LOVE. They will be attending a completely new district for school, which we are told is one of the states best, and having made friends already, the kids are looking forward to their new school.
We are continuing to settle in, Rob has a job interview this Friday which we are hopeful about.
I could not have imagined how God would work this out for us, and today I sit and give Him all the praise.


  1. Oh Sara!!!!! I love it!!!!!

    Such a burden has been lifted for you guys. I just know the next one will be a job for Rob!!!

    I'm so excited for you guys!


  2. Hooray!!! I'm so excited for y'all, and the new home looks amazing!!!


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