Saturday, July 16, 2011

Settling in.

We've been taking our time, settling in.
This past week we went and got the kids registered for school and drove past the new school they will attend in the fall.
We got new keys made for our mailbox, and got a lay of the land so to speak.
I know where the cash machine is, grocery store for quick pick ups and for the big shops are. We have about 7 different pizza joints all within walking distance, and a quaint little honky tonk down the road. (They have the best homemade pizza rolls)
Soccer ended last week and we are embracing the slow lazy days.
Nearly all of the boxes that are going to be unpacked; are; and everything else is stored nice and neat. We are nearly prepared to get two cars in the garage.
It feels good.
I feel good.
God is good.
It still breaks me wide open when I think of how far this family has come in just the last couple weeks.
The message at church was a powerful one, reminding us that we need to glorify God in our lives. That when we spend too much time thinking about our problems they can overwhelm us. But if we spend time seeing God in ALL His Glory, our problems begin to shrink by comparison. Nothing is too big or great for Him to handle. I would be lying if I said I didn't fret constantly over where we would live, but I tried I succeeded in turning my thoughts every.single.time back to the great provider, our God. The glory is His. He gave this home to us, he worked it out in His perfect timing. I only followed Him, stayed obedient in my thoughts, constant in my prayers and He led us here.
We still have urgent prayers, but there is no longer doubt that He will answer, I just need to stay faithful, patient and grateful that He is changing me, molding me for something else other then a "worrywart".

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  1. so glad to hear you are settling in and it is wonderful to see how God worked through it all!!!


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