Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm new to pinterest.

I just got turned on to pinterest, I know, I know, I'm late to this party; but I'm making up for lost time. So today I'm sharing a few "pretties":
First comes from my own stash. Shoes I found at DSW.
Those that know me, know I never wear heels. I can't fight the bunions.
I think I found some that both my bunions and I can agree on!
Cute wedges!

Next: a place I've been thinking about a lot lately!
It was around this time last year that Hubby took me to Chicago, it was never a place I had to go, but having been soul is wanting to go back.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

This chair! Oh my word. It was meant for Minnesota winters, that by the way, start right after Halloween...

Since I'm longing to GO somewhere and clearly do not have the money to do so, I'm going to make this, and think about all the memories that flood back looking at my maps!

Lastly, my hair is driving me crazy! It is getting long, I'm trying to grow it out. I hate my forehead, I hate hair in my face, I wear glasses AND I have wonky hair:

I thinking I want bangs.

But my cowlicks...
Why can't I have a hairstylist that lives in my closet?
If you haven't joined pinterest, why not?
What's got you pinning?

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  1. I LOVE pinterest.....unfortunately! ha!

    and those shoes are so cute!!! We have a DSW and I have to stay away from there...I am a sucker for a cute pair of shoes!!!


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