Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sara meets Gussy.

Do you remember I told you about a surprise birthday party I went to earlier this month?

Do you remember me saying I was quite surprised to meet a certain "famous" fellow blogger?

Here's proof I'm a major dork.

I went over to ask Molly (the birthday girl) for a band-aid for my son who scuffed himself on the edge of the pool. As I was standing there not wanting to interrupt a conversation, I noticed a sweet little bag with a tag on it that said "Gussy".

 I snatched it off the table and asked "Oh, who gave you a Gussy?"

Admiring the cuteness.

Molly pointed to the lady sitting next to her, I hadn't noticed her, because there were many people there to celebrate Miss Molly and nearly half I did not know, so I just assumed she was someone from church.
As recognition hit me.

I wanted to hit the rewind button, you know walk over like I was cool, calm and collected, like I meet famous bloggers everyday.

Instead I turned beat red and gushed like a fool "Oh my goodness!~ Your Gussy!"

Like she didn't know who she was, right?

She was so kind and sweet, we chatted about how I knew Molly, which is a tender close to my heart story and one I didn't want to share when there were so many questions to ask her!
 We talked about her business, I could have pulled up a seat and talked forever, except well I had a bleeding son, plus I didn't want to just bud in after all it was Molly's birthday party, not Sara meets Gussy day!
I mean seriously, I felt like a total spaz.
 How cute is she? No wonder her bags are so adorable!
Check out her blog. See what I'm talking about.


  1. isn't that fun meeting another blogger?!!! i'm headed to look at her bags....a girl can never have enough cute bags!

  2. Oh, how fun!! Great picture, too!


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