Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I haven't been blogging much writing much. I am teaching myself design things, trying to navigate through the HTML.

I got into this Meme.

Mostly to hold myself accountable for how much time I spend in "comfy" pants aka velour track suits.

Don't judge me, at least I wasn't walking around town or Walmart in pajama bottoms and slippers!

I found a pair of cords in my closet that I hadn't wore all (cough) winter.

In Minnesota winter starts
in October and ends in June. This year however we haven't seen much snow or below 0 days.

We've averaging 30s. CRAZY, in this part of the world anyway.

I paired them with my *new* favorite scarf and a pretty flower pin I can wear as a pin or in my hair...

 And my ipad got a pretty *new* you like it?

Here is a better look at my scarf...paired with a different top.

I wore my "ugly" shoes with my cords...these are my Haflingers. They are the most comfortable
shoes on the planet.

Arch support, width for those of us with chubby feet or in my case bunions.

(thank you genetics)

Oh, did I mention they are flat?!

LOVE them
I watched this cutie-patootie and learned how to do this...

The Double bun. It took me a few tries, which I find funny since the goal is for a "messy" bun, but in
 order for it to look cute messy instead of lazy twist and ponytail...Cute huh?

I'm not going to lie, today I am sitting here in my pjs. we had our first big snowfall of the winter, and it's only fair I get to have a snow day where I drink obscene amounts of coffee, curl up by the fireplace and read a good book or a few good blogs...and NO HTML today!


  1. That scarf is ADORABLE! And I love the way you tied it! So cute!

  2. I love that scarf! And awesome job on the bun. She changed my hair's life with one of her tutorials, too.


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