Saturday, March 3, 2012

How I see it: Joy Dare

I am a voyeur when it comes to twitter, unless it comes to insta*gram, cause that asks if you want to share on twitter. I mostly follow celebs, both on TV and in blogland. You know the gals that have a gazillion readers because they suck us in with a post that makes us think she's talking directing to us. She has humor, grace, life experience she candidly shares...
This morning I was reading tweets when Gussy mentioned this post:
She talks about being a friend and gives us 4 ways to be a better friend...
I lost my bestie to jealousy. It was one of the most painful things I've ever endured. It open the door to depression, which sucked me in whole. Depression chewed me up into bite size pieces and I was left trying to put myself back together.
I didn't do it alone. I had my sweet Hubby, who was my fiance' at the time an I found Jesus. But I felt alone. Where were the women? I have been let down so many times by the women in my life.
Achingly alone.
I started going to bible study, and then a group of women came into my life and it.was.magic. Then the study ended, schedules changed and life went on. When we do get together it's wonderful. Why do we wait so long?
I have a daughter, and I don't ever want her to feel alone. I want to model good relationships for her. But the truth is women scare me. I have been hurt by them in the past. I've lost my bestie every time I've ever allowed myself to have a bestie.
I trust too easily, love to hard, care too much...I thought that was how it is suppose to be.
Family is something you "get what you get and don't throw a fit", friends are the family you get to choose...
Women can be so cruel, so callus with their words to one another. We can be so indifferent. Busy.
Really? life is so busy that you'd rather live it without a pact of wild rabid God-fearing women having your back?
Think about what stirs you. Think about what it means to YOU to have that think about who you have let slip because busy is as busy does.

Just this week I had to cancel a "date". Because the weather around here was nasty. I had been looking forward to it, and when the day passed I shrugged my shoulders and gave myself an "oh well." busy is as busy does...
No. Not good enough. That date matters. That woman matters to me.
Julie, you matter. We are going to have our shamrock sh-date!
Tracy, Sarah, Wendie, Jody, Molly it has been way too long. I love you. Lets get together, hug, laugh, share...

On the link I posted earlier there was a JOY DARE (meant for January, but I just found it so I'm doing it now)
1.) 3 Things about yourself you are grateful for:

My sensitive heart, my determination, my desire to understand.

2.) A gift outside, inside, on a plate.

winter's whiteness, a comfy couch to read, a slice of watermelon so sweet it brings summer inside when all you see is winter's white...

3) 3 lines you overheard that were graces.

(Butter) My mom is my hero, because she cooks good meals for us...(school project)
(Mother-in-law) "You always put so much thought into the gifts you give." (Christmas time)
You is kind, you is smart and you is important (the Help)

That last one should be someone we women say over and over and over again to ourselves and each other!
Yes, each on of us is important.
I will continue my Joy Dare this's the month I was born, and is usually the hardest month for me...Join me...I DARE you.

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