Friday, March 9, 2012

Canceled Trip.

I have been thinking all day how I can word this post. My mind is clouded by hurt, and I don't want to just let loose the gammit of emotions stirring in me at this point.
I am dealing with disappointment.
We should be on the rode, heading to sunny Flordia. But "circumstances beyond our control" changed our plans.
That is the nice way of saying it.
It is not really what I wanted to say, but I am minding my tongue and holding tight to restless emotions.
Disappointment is a part of life, how we deal with it, how we let it rule us or how much pow we give it is up to us.
I am locking down the stench of disappointment and instead turning to see the blessings...
Right this minute Butter is upstairs playing with a friend. Roo is riding his bike...the dog is happily napping...blessings of a canceled trip.

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