Monday, March 12, 2012

Break into Spring!

They (the weather people) are talking 70 sometime this week. This is crazy talk for Minnesota, see, we all know the March Madness curse. we can't get through March without some kind of snow dumping. Oh, it's real. So when I here 70's in March...I get giddy! I love when there is a possibility of lovely weather on my birthday! What better way to celebrate then shopping for new flip flops and eating lunch outside! without bugs! (cause they haven't caught on yet that it's nice out)
Or getting something like this:

look at and smell.

Which then makes me want to make these:

To remind me of the real thing and to add a little pizazz...

If only I had a work space like this to blog in and create and sew...

Ooh la la, yes!
Look at that sun shining through the window, makes me want to go outside for a walk and smell the damp spring air that promises of budding flowers and Robins...

Mom, did you say walk? I heard you say walk mom! Are we going for a walk?
Why do you need to paint your toes for walking?

Speaking of Robins, they lay the most gorgeous colored eggs, it makes me so sad to she little broken shells on the ground...but what a beautiful color...
(My husband hates feet, any and all feet. I told him about this little person at family camp I remembered, he had no arms and did everything with his feet. Like ate, holding a fork...I was a fascinated little 5 year old. I said "What if I had no arms and had to use my feet? Would you still love me? Would you hold my foot, like in the movie theater or on a walk?" He said "I may have to go blind. and don't ask me to inter-lace fingers with your toes..." Nearly made me pee my pants.)

 Then there is this one...
That is "thelook". She wants something, and she will stare at you until she gets it. What does she want?
Well, she wants to be outside, enjoying the sun...Sorry Tabitha, we renters now, there is no yard for you to safely go outside in. :0(
I better get some catnip to smooth things over. I should pick up some jello too, so I can make this:
Rainbow jello with a gold coin!

I'm breaking into Spring, I just hope April showers are kind...

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