Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up today...join us won't you?

Trying to get a picture, but the dog was having none of it...

She wanted in! (hate how pregnant I look in this one, and I'm NOT.)

As much as I love the paint colors in our home, as back drops, not so much...
Shirt: Kohls
Sweater: JcPenny
Jeans: Lee, Kohls
Shoes: JcPenny

This past weekend was spent with family, I wore a SMILE.
Hey in my world THAT counts.

I also wore a blouse my mom bought for me last year around this time...guess where from?

Nope, not my favorite store but the times I do go in there, I usually get lucky...
Ooh, and I tried something different with my hair.
Curling it with a flat iron...crazy I know, but how cute?
(warning: it took forever 25 minutes.)
I am so wanting new glasses, these drive me nuts! Hopefully soon.

Day #7 of Joy Dare will be with tomorrows post.


  1. You look good! Love the bunch of color with the blue top and necklace.

  2. I wanted to say punch - need to reread b4 sending.

  3. Hi Sara! I wanted to stop by and thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog -- your kind words meant a lot to me! And I also love Vince Flynn, though I haven't read him in a while. (I now work at a library and am surrounded by waaay too many good books to read!) P.S. I LOVE how you styled your hair with the flat iron!

  4. How cute!! I love your outfit and hair!! I tried curling my hair with a straightening iron...never works. Boo!! Love the blue and gray combo, too! You've got great style!! =)


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