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Today I was doing my by-weekly blog read, I came across a few things that made me take pause.
One blog is a charming upbeat, glass is half full kinda blog. The title of that blog is exactly what you'd expect to read about.
Enjoying the small things.
And she does, with gorgeous pictures, and moving sentences and an open heart.
Today she had a line in it, To thine's self be true...
A golden rule of sorts.

I have a few creative sites I love visiting. Some days I'm so inspired, which is why they blog...and some days I'm reminded of the fact that while yes I can make some pretty cutesy stuff and spend hours in a craft store...most of my things are a result of someone else's creativity and I'm just doing it SaraSass style.
Pinterest is excellent at making me feel like a slacker in regards to crafting, decorating, self styling, hair dos, make-up application,witty comments you wish you said to that person the last time they said something stupid to you... wait this is a long list, is Pinterest really good for one's self esteem?
Having just reread my list, I thinking a therapy session may be in order.

I have in the past; participated in a meme known as What I wore Wednesday. It's fun, I guess, trying to come up with something blog worthy to show off out of my closet.
But then with the last posting, I did the cardinal sin of the whole purpose of WIWW; I wore and posted a comfy outfit of go to favorite "sweats".
Right there on the meme leaders site it says:
" link up with me if you want to stay accountable to getting out of your sweats and putting a little effort into yourself!"
Um, yeah, I blew it. I guess I hate myself to much to put in the effort of going a whole week without a sweats day. I have banned myself from this meme. It is too much pressure to compete with the other 70 or so girls that DO take the effort... I'll keep my comfy clothes and pictures of myself, honestly, taking those pictures was a pain in the butt.
(I honestly didn't want to say butt, God should be proud; I'm working on taking my words if only my thoughts were easily held.)
I fail at this daily, hourly. I am a work in progress, and it is why I always say when my life is over and I'm sitting there talking it over with God, I long to hear him say "Well done my precious faithful daughter; You have exceeded my expectations."
If this makes you go What? Why would you want that? God already knows you...doesn't have expectations...blah blah blah.
TRUST me; it totally makes sense to me and my heart. So you imagine your words from God and I'll keep mine. Thank you.
Lets talk about expectations.
We all have them. Admit them or not, we all have them. I tend to get burned by actually believing a person would meet mine.
Rarely ever does this happen, and I like to think of myself as a common sense princess. Since I mentioned a golden rule earlier, here is another one we've had bashed into our brains made aware of:
Treat others as you'd want to be treated.
Makes sense to me, so much so it should be common...

How about when you are at a place, say Mom and Dad's for dinner; how about you greet the people in the room?
"Hello! How are you? Nice to see you?"
Instead of grunting and acting as if you are too busy to acknowledge that someone just entered.

Or say you are at a restaurant and the wait person comes over and talks to the wall instead of you, OR instead of acknowledging said wait staff person you are to busy to catch persons name and are thinking more about that 20 oz rib eye steak you want cooked RARE...

You are at the grocery store, you have 3 items, not 3 large items and a basket full of tic tacs...3 items and the person who beat you to the express lane has more then the 10 the sign clearly says is max, and they forgot such and such so could they please call speedy Magoo in the back to bring it to aisle 2 of 30, that is only 1 of 3 open on blue hair day!
If you stayed with me on that we should get coffee sometime because I could hang with you without pulling my hair out repeating myself or as I like to call it under-sarking. (sarcasm people.)
It's like dumbing down your points because people don't understand big words.
Raise your hand if you think these people are show-offs?

((hand raised, waving in air))

Please, I have a high school education that is 20 years old. If someone came up with a common sense test, I would ACE it. Sit me down and ask me to grammer-fy my blog post and not use amazing as basically my only descriptive word...ain't gonna happen. Failed.
I have a tip cheat sheet in my purse so I don't screw somebody out of their rightful pay!
You can't add, multiply, divide or subtract letters and say it's math, NO, it's called SPELLING.
Well, maybe some of you can, but not me. I don't speak a foreign language  and I don't like talking about Alge's Bra. Let the girl wear the wrong size, who cares as long as she's comfortable!

Which brings me to the last blog I read, that brings me to tears of hilarity. And you can tell it's a doozy
People I want to punch in the throat.
Just as you'd imagine, she lets people have it.

So what does this all have to do with me?
What does my title say about me? The description on my blog is:
A heart full of love and a mind full of sass, I'm just the interpreter.

Only I've tried so hard to be something softer then myself. I have a bite to me...and even though I'm working hard to soften that's still who I am.
Which you can kinda see in this post.
I am not a flower and candles, glass half full girl...
I am the glass is half empty and what if the clean water runs out? kinda girl.
I am the grey cloud on a partly sunny day that just can't quite get it together to blow away.
I am the remnants of the crystal light drink, that no matter how much you stir it, there is always that hint of bitter.
I'm not perfect. You will never here me say I want to be perfect, I may want perfect feet. Or perfectly blond hair that never needs coloring because it just will not turn grey...
But I never want to be perfect. I like me. Most of the time...and when I don't; then I'll just have more to talk about here. Everyone knows that if you can't find anything nice about yourself you make fun of others to feel better! That's just common sense...
((big Smiley face))

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