Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Writing Again

Some times the best medicine for getting out of your own head is writing.
A few years ago I told a story about my time as a nanny in Boston. It began to evolve into something that I enjoyed weaving into a story of characters...I've been writing and revising and writing some more.
I haven't touched it in about a year. But today I opened the file and words began to flow again.
I often find myself needing to create. It is good to feel those juices flowing.


  1. I loved that story! are you adding to it?

  2. Yes I am. Sara you might be interested to know, I re-connected with some of them and "Charlie" and his family live here now.

  3. I read a few of your entries and I am looking forward to reading more. I really like the one about last year. I am hoping this time next year that I will be able to say I have come through the storm and that I am on the path that Heavenly Father wants me on... sometimes it is tough to have faith but I can have nothing less :)


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