Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend update.

Our weekend started off with a bang and it was like a marathon...
Thursday was the last day of school for the kiddos. Roo was a bit sad, he is going to miss all of his friends. He isn't one to do play dates, oh, he asks for them...but after about 10 minutes the bickering begins over what to do and it ends in 2 boys playing separately. One often bored.
Butter was asked if she could have a celebratory sleep-over. She knew she needed to get her room clean before I would allow this to happen, I convinced her friend to give her grief about getting it done!
After soccer practise, we went over to some friends house so the kids could play at the lake and drop Butter off for the sleep-over. We didn't end up going home until close to 10PM.
Friday Rob has off of work, so we got some things done before spending the day with another family of friends. We spent the day keeping cool at the pool, went out for dinner before we all headed off to the car show, again which we stayed out until 10pm. (Butter, it turns out was up until 3AM at her sleep-over)
Saturday was again spent at the pool to beat the heat. I wasn't feeling well but was talked into going out to dinner with some sweet girlfriends! It is always so good to see them and catch up. Although this time for me was a bit overwhelming condensing the past year into one conversation. I spent most of my Sunday in quiet reflection.
Rob took the kids over to the pool again. With no set bedtime Roo wanted to stay up and watch TV with Rob and I. We had a few Top Gear shows to get through. I glanced over to see him sound asleep at 9:45PM. When Rob went to pick him up he woke up and had no idea where he was and who was holding him! He started thrashing around yelling "Put me DOWN! PUT me down!!!" Try as we might he wouldn't believe us when we told him we were taking him to bed!
He woke up this morning not remembering a single thing and even getting angry with me when I was telling him what happened.
Sheesh, I hope that kid never sleep walks!
Today we had a lazy morning and it felt so good. We rode bikes to the park, where Roo saw his "girlfriend" from school. It was so funny to watch him show off and yet not talk to the little girl and she was very aware that he was there but acted like she could care less. Butter took the opportunity to tease him until I'd had enough and said it was time to go.
So far we've marked off 6 things on our summer list. We had started with 9 total!
As Roo says, "But Mom we can do them more then once!"

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