Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Open letter to General Hospital.

Franco?!? FRANCO?!?
You lost me.
I always thought it was funny how soap actors bounced from one show to was one if soapy family. And then yo had to go and bring back, nope sorry, recast one of the most despised and hated character OF.ALL.TIME.
I'm not even going to get into the list of his evil deeds. For the record, yes we love to hate the baddies. But this goes WAY too far in the evil deeds department.
The only way you know someone is not coming back is if they donate organs. Because writers can not rewrite THAT story.
Yeck, I'm just disgusted and mortified the GH writers think we are lazy or stupid enough to NOT remember all the things this guy did. Now because he has a new face we will hopefully see his transformed soul.
Somebody get me a bucket, I need to puke.
Yeah, sure my dinky little rating isn't going to matter in the grand scheme of TV land. But I can tell you this. I am DONE with daytime television. Soaps can go away forever as far as I'm concerned and I've been watching FAITHFULLy since I was 9 years old. Let me list them;
Santa Barbara, Another World, Days, Passions, Young & the Restless, One Live to Love, All my Kids, General Hospital. Yep, at one time or another I watched every last one. Nearly all,are gone now too. With the exception of Days...stopped watching when Marlena was possessed by the devil and Roman wasnt Roman but John Black and he as a priest who saves her. YUCK.
Y&R...grew tired of Victor & Nikki. I was on the fence with GH, doing Robin like they did and then loosing "Jason" aka Steve to Y&R...bunch of boring storyline s to sit through. And now Franco.
Nope. I'm all done.
I have 10 seasons of Friends I can watch.
Bitter table for one?
THaTS ME! (She says raising her hand)
I'd like tea and toast please jam on the side. NO relish.

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