Friday, September 13, 2013

What's going on.

Maybe you've seen this photo. It is my profile pic on Facebook and I've posted it on instagram. It sums things up nicely. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well lets list them.
  • Shocking: In May we were shocked to find out that the town home we have been renting was going on the market.
  • Disbelief: How can this be happening? We still have a year on the lease? Can they do this?
  • Angry: Finding out they hadn't been paying the mortgage...and YES they can do this.
  • Resistant: I do not like this God...I will be dragging my feet...
  • Frustrated: Nothing we try working out.
  • Annoyed: Showings, showings,showings...
  • Emotional: You know me, containment is impossible. 
  • Depressed: unanswered prayers.
  • Trust: Continued prayers
  • Hope: Holding on to Gods promises.
  • Sarcasism: I use it to cover the pain.
  • Pain: lets go there, I can't tell you how many times my heart broke open these last few months.
  • Tears: yeah, a lot.
  • Bitterness:
  • Forgiveness:
  • Letting go:
  • Picking it up again:
  • Letting it go-again:
  • Letting go...
It has been 4 months since life had been turned on its heal for us, yesterday morning I was barely breathing, deep in the pit of despair and clinging to the promise of one more day, getting through one more day. Today I sit pondering what the meaning of all this is. There is a glimmer of hope, God is here. Five offers came in on the town home all of them were for occupancy. Which means our lease would be null and void and we have 90 days to leave the property. Yesterday, in the evening we got a call saying that the buyer wants to know if we would stay until July 2014 (when our lease was originally suppose to end). If we agree, the deal will then go to the bank for approval. It has been a long, crazy, emotional ride. But God is here. I don't always agree with Him, there are times I'd love to have his karma stick, because I got some good ideas!!!
{Perfect example of why this blog is called Interpret Sass}
Also, on a kiddo update:
Nick broke his wrist at the end of summer and has been dealing with going gluten free for a time as we figure out the cause and maintenance of his eczema. He has been such a CHAMP!
It was impossible to hide the housing stuff from the kids, and as you can imagine it was hard on them, especially when Mom and Dad couldn't give them any answers. They have been wonderful helpers.
Nina worked hard over summer on her reading and we cant wait to see how that helps this year in her grades. Both played soccer again and it is wonderful to watch how much they've improved and find a love of the game. 
So there it is, whats been going on.
  • One thing I'm thankful for: Gods promises.
  • One thing I regret: getting distracted
  • One thing I am hoping: God has blessings coming our way.
It's been awhile, my apologies, I hope to get back into writing and relating here soon.

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  1. Oh, Sara, I hate that you and your family are having to deal with this. I'm hoping with you that blessings will come your way.


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