Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loose lips sink ships.

Loose lips sink ships.
Ever heard that saying?
My husband could sink a fleet of ships.
He nearly blew a surprise for our daughter when he said out loud that we would be riding in a limo to the Taylor Swift concert. (A friend graciously invited us to ride with them, but it was a secret for our girls!)
It ended up she wasn't paying attention and didn't hear him. Phew! The girls were surprised and awed.

We had a lot of fun, I HIGHLY recommend dropping the small fortune to see a Miss Swift show. Very well done and entertaining.

It is that time of year where you also drop a small fortune on heinous school provided pictures. I have issues with these as I'm sure you've probably guessed...
I have in my possession 12 years of bad photos. Why my mother didn't see the need to help/encourage or flat out make me look nice, I'll never know. All she says is; " I let you do it."
Well, thank you, I looked ridiculous in half of them & stupid ugly in the rest!
I swore I'd never let my kid(s) leave the house looking anything like that for school pictures.
We have a rule; mom picks clothes and does your hair for pictures and holidays. NO EXCEPTIONS. And NO WHINING either.
I spent the better part of an hour talking to The Boy about how I planned to style his hair and what shirt he was going to where. Now, don't think that I don't give them input. I do. His was; "but Mom can I wear a nice shirt that is something I'd normally wear?"
I said; "Here's the thing Bud, you don't normally wear nice shirts. You wear athletic shirts and this is not soccer photos. We can go shopping tomorrow and pick a shirt together."
I explained that I would be using gel on his hair to keep it in the place I wanted it and that the ONLY way it wouldn't stay is say if a hand went through it and there would be 2 I didn't say that! 
I went on to tell him about my school photos and how awful they are because nobody cared enough to help me look my best. He laughed. Then he laughed harder when I showed him pictures! I think I may finally have gotten through and my efforts even appreciated.
Back to Ol loose lips.
So we are telling Hubs, about shopping tomorrow for a shirt and he asks about how Roo will wear his hair. I say (like this) I am using gel to hold it in place...
And what does Loose Lips say?
" Use my paste he can run his hands through it."
I stare at him in disbelief. It's like the man has not been married to me for 12 years.
Speechless, and that takes a lot let me tell you.
The Boy, he has already run for cover. He is wise enough to know when the hammer is coming...
"Good Lord, have mercy, did you really just say that? I just spent the better side of 30 minutes talking to your son about having good pictures and looking nice and now your telling him he can run his hands through his hair if we use paste instead of gel!"
Roo has a sense of humor, he holds up his hands and backs up the stairs saying "You're on your own Daddy. Gel is fine, I'll use the gel."
I haven't started the battle with The Girl, she was upset that I curled her hair for the concert, telling me
"It's only Taylor! Why do I have to have my hair curled?"
Well, she was happy once she saw her friend was dressed up and 90% of the other Taylor fans! She even sasses me for not putting more effort in making them costumes or red tutus. Can't win with that one. :0P
Now if you'll excuse me I have some shopping to do and bailing water out of a boat.


  1. Too funny. Your Taylor pictures were so cute. Glad you guys had a good time - sounds like it was very much needed! Praying for y'all.


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