Saturday, September 14, 2013


You would think that Sleep-in Saturday would be my favorite day of the week right?
It would be if I could in fact sleep-in.
I think the big M is starting to creep in...
I get hot for no reason. My moods swift and swing like tether ball played by 3rd graders! Is forgetfulness a symptom also? I'd look it up on WebMD but I've been banned from that site since I once mistook a panic attack for a heart attack and called an ambulance! Honest mistake. Really who can tell the difference, it FEELS like a heart attack! There also might have been a time when after extensive searching about skin cancer and moles I demanded Hubs go in and get looked at while I marked nearly 90% of his body with marker stating they were "suspicious moles".
 So, any woo, banned...from the site.
I get weird pains too, like old people pains. Things crack and creek like a hundred year old floor.
What is really sad, I haven't hit 40 yet. Oh, that's coming, and soon.
Back to sleep-in Saturday. Could.Not.Sleep.In.
The kids and I went to the local high school football game Friday night and looking at all the teenagers made me think I DON'T WANT THIS TIME TO END! I feel like I just finished changing diapers! The things my daughter was saying to me...(shakes head) I mean, I am JUST NOT READY. As we were walking out Roo was holding my hand, I said to him: " Promise me when you're a senior you will do this, hold my hand at a football game?"
I don't think he understood what I was asking because he agreed to it until his older and wiser sister piped in and said "OMGOODNESS! You are NOT seriously GOING to hold moms hand when you are a senior?!" To which he started yelling: "NNNNOOOOOO!"
(He is still holding my hand as we are walking mind you.)
I replied; "Sorry Bud, you promised. You can't break a promise to your Momma."
Pretty sure I'm going to hold him to that one. ;0)
As we continued to walk along, I tried taking my hand from him, which he would not allow. Funny, in 9 years time he will be a senior, it will be football season...just saying.
Saturdays are also known around here as #Barlowtime or #XFactorUK. With the 6 hour time difference it comes on @ 2pm here! Middle of the Saturday (& Sunday) makes for tricky planning. Mostly I let the kids have pop so they leave me alone. Does that sound like bad parenting? (She laughs) Oh, because giving them chores would be so much better? TRUST me, I don't get nearly the whining I would with that option.
Gotta GO, it's almost #Barlowtime!
Sass Interpreter OUT!

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