Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spud the dud.

Yesterday was just an awful day. Started out shit, and I muddled through the best I could, until twitter lit up with good news. I may have mentioned my slight obsession with a particular British pop icon. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about here is some eye candy.

He has been a judge on XFactorUK the last 3 years. (pictured here with Sharon Osborne, who came back to the UK to judge)

And news came that he is releasing a solo album on November 25. #GBArmy knew it was coming, he had recently filmed a video in New York for one of the new songs. (GBArmy is what his fans call themselves...a Thatter is a Take That fan) Keep up, I know it can be a bit confusing...It is exciting news.
Now unto the crap of a morning, I recently went back to work. Data entry for a small, family run business. Let me first start by saying they are extremely inefficient with how they run the place. Nobody wants to take responsibility and nobody wants to work very hard. They make money in spite of themselves because of a hard working entrepreneur who built the business. He then "made" his son, who had no desire to; run it. We are now at generation #3 running a place that made them wealthy and yet none of them want to be doing it. (The people that profit the most do the least work, the people that work hard get to deal with laziness instead of leadership)
I am a highly organized person. I take pride in doing a good job, working hard and doing things the best way possible to maximize efficiency. All the type A's raise your hands up! Whoop whoop!

I went into work yesterday to a note on my desk (I HATE this kind of communication. It's like lazy man's way of telling someone something; mostly bad. It's like a break-up text. What you couldn't tell me that in person?!?) 
The note said: This office will now be __________, (we will call this person *Spud*. Because Spud, is a dud and doesn't really want to be working there, but since it is family owned, Spud has no choice. Not to mention the personality of Spud is, well, there isn't much there either)
So the work space meant for the data entry person, is now going to be Spuds. I was livid. I can't even go into it really because I'll throw this laptop if I start reliving it. 
The temporary solution is; the office is mine to work in on Tuesday/Thursdays (and Mondays when it gets real busy) and mail is to be opened and sorted on days I'm not there; not held over for 3 days at times. (You would think this would be a priority; opening mail, sorting it daily. But then you would be wrong. It is not and some days it can take my whole 5 hour shift just to open and sort it when I come in to stacks of it. because nobody else has time to do it; busy as they are.) #sarcasm
But I really can't see Spud, the little Prince that he is, going along with it, at some point Daddy will hear about it...
Spud can have the office; and while sitting there twiddling his thumbs, Spud can watch as the orders pile up and listen to the phone ring off the hook, people wondering where is their order, because Spud is just staring at the ever growing mountain of mail that needs to be opened, sorted, entered, sorted again, given to shipping, sorted, shipped...because HEY, he's too busy...
Yeah, good luck Spud. I hope you enjoy that paycheck you are "earning". 
I hate being a quitter. I absolutely hate it, but sometimes, you do all that you can and it doesn't work. You can't make someone else care as much as you do, and you shouldn't even try to fix stupid.
That is my problem really; I try to fix stupid. That place has been running stupid for.years. and everyone that ever tried to make it better has been let go, or left themselves. Rob and I have talked about the dumb luck of it, and where do I go from here.
Nothings "official" yet. Tomorrow is another work day; I guess I'll just wait and see what awaits me in the morning.
Until then:

 November 25!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. UUGGGHHH!! Work places with a bad environment SUCK!!! So sorry you have to deal with that ridiculousness. But at least you have Nov. 25 to look forward to lol! ;-)


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