Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet Home memories

Life has been going at too speeds for me lately. First the rapid; I can remember sweet little snippets of my life and think was that really that long ago. The answer is always, yes, but it never feels like it was.
The second speed is painfully slow; which usually happens when you are waiting on something.
This weekend I did some rearranging of pictures and wall decor. Hubs scored some awesome art and wall hangings at an employee model sale. (he works for a home builder and one of the perks is they sell off all the model furnishing to employees for a very reasonable price.)
We were hoping for a new couch...we got some art instead. Maybe next time.
As I was hanging up pictures I was drifting back to our first house together...
In the basement was this comfy white couch that when you sat in it you sank into it and never wanted to get out. In the winter we would start a fire in the fireplace and it would get all warm and toasty. We spent many evenings snuggled up together dreaming about our future together.
There also was a hot tub out in the backyard on the deck. It was out in the middle so you would have to cross nearly the whole deck to get to it and on cold winter nights it felt like a very long walk indeed. Rob would always keep a path shoveled to it and he would go out first to take the cover off and make sure I could always run and jump right in! 
It was magical being out there on a snowy night. 
I can remember the exact sound of that his truck made as it pulled into the garage. His old Nissan Rodeo. 
That house was so tiny, and yet it was our first home. We brought Butter home there, spent sleepless nights in that living room. She learned to walk there.
Awe, the sweet memories. 
Every place I've lived, I've carried sweet memories with me. All but one house. Cooper Ave. Not one good memory. 
When we left it was to give our growing family more space, and also to get out of a neighborhood that was heading downhill. But mostly needing more space. 
One of the first things we did was paint, I remember picking out that color together. Together we laid laminate floor, took us one evening. 
It has been 13 years since I met Hubs, and we started living together. It sometimes still feels like just yesterday. 

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