Sunday, August 31, 2014


It seems surreal, sitting here typing about our new home.  I need to firstly give glory to God. Through this past year he has carried us along the current of His love, on a rough river.
There is incredible timings all throughout the last year, all of them His workings.
The first time we saw the house we "knew" it was the one, yet we stayed cautious. We were told by the realtor that it was a less the stellar location and way out of our price range. At the time we were qualified for a lot less, using his banker. I had said to him: "It doesn't matter, if this is the home God wants for us, it will be ours." We had asked him to write up a purchase order. He stalled, and made arrangements for us to see other houses. It was just before these next set of showings the woman who helped us sell our home 3 years ago called me. She was wondering if we were ready to start looking? I had to tell her we were working with this other agent, she was disappointed, & told me so, but offered her mortgage guy. He is amazing! He got us approved for more, which honestly was where we should have been to begin with. We went on our showings, I was not interested in anything this agent had to say, everytime he opened his mouth it irritated me. He seemed to think he knew what would be best for us, what kind of house we could afford, should want. I again spoke my heart saying it wasn't up to him, or us really, if the house was meant to be ours God would make it so.
That night I told Rob we needed to work with Linda, she is a Christian, knew our situation, and honestly wanted to see us in a home. He agreed, and the we took her to the house we liked. She was with us until 11pm writing our purchase agreement. It was a long week, waiting to here from the bank. We wrote an offer on a forclosed home that was in great shape, just needing a loving family to make updates.
Our offer was counter by the bank for a few too many zeros! They countered with $2.1million in asking price. Our realtor thought it was funny, I was irritated, so much was riding on this and they couldn't even get the numbers right? We sent our best and final offer, which was our original offer.
Another week pasted, and then the news came in; our offer was accepted! We now had to wait for timing. We needed to wait 3 years to the day of the sale of our previous home, (which was a short sale) before we could apply for our mortgage. The hoops we jumped through and the bullets we sweated out...and the faith we clung to...
We were ready to close just as our lease was ending, unfortunately the other bank was not. We ended up doing their work and the work of the selling agent in order to close on the date on our purchase agreement, which was suppose to be precautionary, easier to move the date up then back.
The new owner of our rental was anxious to move in, it was a real test of patience for all of us.
I packed and prepared for our move. Closing day arrived, we barely had time to celebrate because we started moving that day! We are so grateful to the family and friends that helped us, we could not have done it alone.
We have been in our new home two weeks now and on several different occasions one of us has said outloud "I love our new home!"  Even the animals seem to love that they have a yard again! My son takes a bit longer to settle in, when we had our final walk through at the rental I caught him up in his old room, talking to it.
"I am going to really miss you, you were a good room, I loved your color. I wish you could come be my new room." It was so touching that he felt so secure there. As we left he placed both hands on the wall and walked slowly around the room as if to give it a final hug. It brought me to tears, he is my sensitive boy, with a heart of gold. I plan to paint his new room the same color, though he has asked for green, as in acid green. That won't be happening, but maybe a small stripe on one little wall.
I will post pictures, once things have all found there permanent home. Even though all the boxes are unpack, the ones that need to be anyway, we are still living in unorganized chaos. Things like setting up the desk or oganizing closets have been put on the back burner, while cleaning out the garage and getting screens made, hanging curtain rods, lights and hooks have kept us busy. School begins in 1 day! I can't be leave summer is over. Both kiddos are ready for a new year. Nina is headed to middle school! I am looking forward to painting and putting everything in it's place.

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  1. I'm so happy for you guys. I know it must be a relief and such a blessing (and listening to RAIN hit the TREES!).

    And that nick is a sweet little thing! Can't believe your pretty Nina is in junior high. Watching your kids grow up on my ipad screen! Hehe


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