Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days of Writing. #1'

October 1, where did September go?
There is a writing challenge going on over at The Nester's blog. Here's the thing, I haven't blogged steadily in so very long. I'm not even sure I remember how to save and post my own blog, let alone link to is that and frankly I'm too lazy to google a how-to, read it then attempt to do it.
I guess you will have to bear with me on this. But honestly, I don't think this will be read by many so I'm not to worried.
Today, I want to talk about why I fell off the blog posting wagon.
mostly it is because I felt I could not compete with the glossy, well designed blogs out there that posted gorgeously edited photos of their kids, and talked about lovely life topics, or fancy recipes they were sharing, or pics of their immaculately clean and decorated house.
Yeah, my life, does not resemble a Pottery Barn catalog, or Midwest Living, or Martha Stewart. I'm more like the local grocery store, on sale, past season...

Another reason, God has been working some serious change in our lives. Getting through the day and leaning into Him was all this heart could do there for awhile.

I found comfort, and far less advertisement over on Twitter. Don't you hate clicking on a blog and an advertisement pops up right in the middle of the post you are trying to read? Or the sidebar is flashing some sort of "buy me" at you while you attempt to read a post preparing dinner? Ugh, I hate that!
I do understand bloggers are trying to get paid for would be nice, sure, but I frankly stop reading the ones that are annoying to go to.

Is this coming off sounding bitter?
I hope not, it is not my intention. Blogging for me used to be a away o connecting with people. And be a creative outlet for me, not some massive way of "branding" myself or lifestyle.

What I know today:
It is raining, which always puts me in a funk.
I still love writing, even if its random thoughts quickly typed out between loads of laundry.
My kids need to slow down in the growing department.
I am looking forward to some QT with my Husband this weekend.

There you have it #day1 of 31 days...I hope I make it all 31!

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