Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 days of writing. Day #2

The weather has really changed here in Minnesota. Last weekend we were enjoying sunshine and 80*! We dug through our summer clothes boxes already put into storage. This week the chill has come in and not only that, but rain came with it. Yuck.
No I have not taken up meteorology, but I will say that Pluto is going back to being the 9th PLANET in our solar system according the Time magazine.  To be honest I never bought into to the whole dwarf planet thing and refused to remove Pluto when rattling off our solar systems planets.
Okay, what is the point of all this?
It's what we in broadcasting call a slow news day. (I do have a certificate in Broadcasting, never used though.)
But I did commit to writing for 31 days...
Day #2 done. Boom.
PS. Vikings play the Packers this evening, so I'm all about the football massacre about to happen tonight.

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