Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy people

So I've decided I'm not a happy person.
I say that because happy people don't see offense all around them.
I was waiting at the grocery store for Hubby to run in and buy some milk, while waiting I saw:
  • more then a few people left there carts where ever they wanted, even if that meant walking 5 more steps to a cart corral.
  • one person took up 2 spots because of laziness or lack of driving skills.
  • 3 cars not giving pedestrians the right of way.
  • One woman yanking her kid's arm.
  • One person that brought their dog, only to leave it in the car so it could bark the entire time. (It was there when I got there and still there when I left 12 minutes later.)
  • Several people drop their (cigarette) butts and leave them to continue smoking. GRRRRRRRRR

See Happy people would say things like:

  • "Oh look those carts are so pretty littered all over the parking lot, I have a reason to park far out in the lot and get a nice walk in."
  • "What a beautiful car, I can see why it doesn't have any dings, maybe I should take up to spots. I'd have less dents."
  • "I love to wave at the people as I speed on by."
  • "Nothing like a good old stretch ah Jr.?"
  • "OH Sparky just loves shopping!"
  • (Nope sorry I can't think of one thing happy people could say about litter)

I have an issue with entitlement. I have issues with people who lack common sense and courtesy. Is my plank sticking too far out there, because I would LOVE to crack some of these people WITH IT as I walk past them. Isn't that really what it's for??? They have a speck and I have a plank so the speck needs to be CORRECTed.

I LIKE IT! (just came up with that, don't steal it.)

Happy people are too busy being happy about the world and looking through their rose colored glasses. Actually I think all the smiling has slanted they're eyes and they can't SEE clearly. Which, having a plank in the eye doesn't help much either, but it does SHARPEN the sight in the other eye...

In which case I'm glad I'm not happy, I would hate to not recognize heaven when I get there because I didn't think there was anything wrong with the first place!

Thanks I'll just not be a happy person...


  1. Well, I hope that it is ok, that you made me laugh more than once while reading this. I can relate, and I loved your sassy way of writing your thought here!

  2. LOL! I always thought I was a happy person....however, after reading this I guess I am not! :)


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