Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stir Crazy

I am literally going stir crazy.
There has been no work done on the car.
Rob is out of ideas.
We've looked online, and a car  4+yr old car with over 100,000 miles is about $7,000.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen in my realm.
To add to my stress I have now been home with my son for a four days. They were off school Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday I noticed his eye was red and gross.
Hubby took him in this morning and we have pink eye.
Okay Roo has pink eye.
Do you know how many times a day I tell this kid to get his hands OFF and/or OUT of  his face?
How many times I tell this kid wash your hands?
So it's only a matter of time before the whole house gets infected. I am seriously ready to duck tape oven mitts to the kids hands!
Is that child abuse?
Could somebody please check into that and get back to me ASAP?
It's not like I'll lock him in the dog crate...
Did you see that on Oprah yesterday?
HMPF. I'm gonna trust that God's got some wee little crates with those two's names on it.
It's funny, we had a crate for the dog, everybody told us crate the dog. I never crated to the dog, but Roo on the other hand, every time I'd turn my back he'd be in there!
I am pretty sure that for year 2 and 3 the most repeated phrase was: "Get out of the crate! It's not a toy!"
We eventually put it in the garage. Guess what? He found it and continued to play in it.
It freaked me out.
To think that someone thought to lock up there child in one. That horrifies me.
The crate is now in the rafters.
And the second part of her show...
What would YOU do?
I would like to think I'd have the courage to let my child be the best them. Where is God in this?
Were these people REALLY born in the wrong body?
Why would God make them that way?
What good comes from a person born one gender and then looks at themselves as the other gender?
I did end up watching the Lisa Ling special on OWN. It was very interesting. In a train wreck sort of way. I was left thinking where is God in this?
Clearly that little girl/boy thought she was a she, and clearly "her" parents struggled with loosing the son who saw himself a girl.
I can remember a time when I had NO idea what gay was.
No not a day goes by when tolerance is requested, rights demanded.
It brings to mind slaves.
People thought owning slaves was fine.
There was a war over freeing them. Their right for freedom.
Civil rights.
Now Civil gay rights.
The world evolves and changes it's view.
We are taught God NEVER changes.
If God never changes and these sins are still sins...
Why do we live our lives in acceptance of things we know are "Wrong".
Are they wrong?
If your child had a friend and you found out that friend was born a different gender, would you still let your child be friends with that child?
How bout this: Your child's friend is a bully, do you let them continue to be friends? Because a sin is a sin. No sin is above or below another sin.
You see where I'm going...
I doubt I will get any answers, not here anyway. I am a thinker. I question, not to be rebellious, but to gain knowledge. I find comfort in knowledge. I am trying to learn who God is.
and some times I feel like the bible paints Him to black and white. There is SO much gray.
I used to think it was humans that painted the gray, so they could get away with stuff, but then there are just somethings that can't be only black and only white. Can they?
I welcome any and all comments.

These are the posts you get when Sara is left home for days on end with out a car and nothing to do but think! HA!


  1. I am not close friends or family with anyone who is gay. I have changed my thinking a bit about it though as my kids grow and are in sports, and classes with children who have same sex parents. My view of how God sees it remains, and He definitely is clear about it. I do think that if I make an issue out of their lifestyle choice before I even know them, I wouldn't be acting as Christ would in the same situation. I think that the Bible makes it clear that we are not to expect non believers to think as we do. I need to love them first and foremost, not impose my beliefs on them. If I started differentiating between the same sex couple and others, then would I not need to find out the sex habits and sins of all the people I let my kids be around? That's my quick thoughts.

  2. You ask the same questions I struggle with. And yes, I asked people in my Sunday School class why Christians will boycott a movie or company that promotes gay rights, but support ones where there are clearly people living together while not married, drug use, etc. Isn't all sin, sin? Made for quite an intersting discussion! And yes life is NOT black and white, I am having a really hard time with the gray! If you get any insight, please let me know, cause I stay awake at night at times because of the gray!


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