Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update.

It was not one of the most stellar week ends for us.
Our trusty 10 year old Subaru died. D.I.E.D.
I have a handy husband, but Subi left him scratching his head and me hitting my knees praying.
After talking with his Dad, they seemed to be on to something...there was hope. But hours ran out of the day and it would have to wait.
Our new glasses were in, and trust me my pour eyes needed the new prescription. It was a bit of a nightmare ordering them. I had a difference of opinion with the salesgirl (I say girl cause she was young.)
Not only with the frames I picked out for myself, but also with the frames we had picked for Hubby.
He needed lenses that would accommodate bi-focals, no more cute little frames for him. I liked NONE of the frames She put him in, he liked one. I am still getting used to his "headlights". If you have ever watched the Disney Cars movie you'll understand: My husband looks like Sarge.
I knew that after time I would hopefully come to like his new frames. Mine however I need to feel good in.
She told me, that since my prescription was so strong I would need full framed glasses. Well, I liked my old frames, but I had something NEW picked out. If I wanted something similar to the old ones, I would not have spent the money on replacing the frames. I picked a rim-less frame.
She warned me.
The moment I put them on my insides lit up!
I followed my gut and I was most pleased.
 I do not have a picture with my sunglasses on yet, um, I kinda need sun for that. And since we are in Minnesota and we are in the mist of a blizzard! There is no sun.
I love snow, I love living in Minnesota. I do not love when our 4wd car is dead in the garage and Hubby must take our brand-spanking new mini-van out to do the paper route on yet to be plowed back roads! He didn't make it far, he had to get towed out and then got stuck in our drive way.
I am dealing...but if I were a tea pot I'd be whistling right now!
We had a busy weekend, birthday celebrations.

 It was Papa's big day. Papa is very special to us. Since he is tough to buy for I went out of the box.
He join the Y this year too. Nana mentioned something about work out clothes and that he has none, Rob mentioned seeing him in "1970's circa sweatpants that have the elastic around the ankle. Do they still make them that way?"
I have no idea, I don't shop sweatpants for men.
I found the "cutest" in style gear for him. Charcoal gray with orange accents. Shirt, long shorts and pants.
Nana burst out laughing when he held up the shorts. I asked what was so funny, it's not like these were 1980's style shorty short basketball shorts...
"He doesn't wear shorts, not long shorts!"
The look on Papa's face told me as much.
"Well, I understand it's out of your box, but you have to look good working out, I mean these are made for sweating in. You know you like those new golf shirts..."
He's into the dri-wick golf shirts. (he has plenty of those.)
He called the next day to tell me they didn't fit, he needed a different size. We had joked about it the night before: "What are you trying to say? I'm large?" He joked.
"No, I was going for the XL but thought I'd go easy on you!" I lobbed back at him. And we both laughed.
(He's no where near large, but Rob told me to get that size.)
He also told me that he would be exchanging the sizes, and still getting the shorts.
Good for you Dad!

Okay time for comparison:
 Well, see what I mean?
It's crazy he's a cartoon!

Another bonus was getting to see this guy!
 Our nephew Blaine. He is so adorable. He wasn't having a good night, but I didn't care, even crabby the kid is so sweet!
Just look at those rolls, couldn't you eat him up?
And then the new "baby"...
This is Gracie. She is the sweetest thing. She breaks the mold on hyper Jack Russells. She is nothing like that. It may have something to do with her "disability". Gracie is deaf. She barks, but all you have to do is hold a finger up and she's quiet again. Wish that worked with all the other dogs!
She takes no gruff from the big labs (Blaine's dogs), and she doesn't let Jackie (Nana & Papa's Jack Russell) push her around either. We haven't introduced our dog Piper yet...

Now I suppose you are wondering: Did they get the car working?
It is a source of stress for me.
Please say a prayer for us.
Thank you.


  1. LOVE the new glasses! And I want to squeeze that precious little baby...and the dog. So cute.


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