Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's new.

I haven't got anything new to add.
No news.
Which, I don't know, is it a good thing?
We got snow last night and all day today.
Oh joy.
It covers the poop right?
Nah, I was just out there two days ago, and since my dog hasn't wanted to brave the out doors in two days...
I'm bored.
There are things I could be doing:

Not one of those things is even tempting.

My birthday is less then a week away.
We are going out to this hibachi place called Osaka. MMMMMM. Can't wait.
I turn 37 this year.
I can only hope that my forties will be GREAT!
Cause my twenties were a growing period, of finding out who I was and who I didn't want to be.
And my thirties were a lot like my twenties minus the wrong choices in boyfriends, wrong choices and adding babies and finding out who I am as a mother.
I wish we could stop counting years and start counting experiences.
If you don't have wrinkles, you haven't LIVED.
If you don't find funky new "growths" on your body, you haven't add enough adventure!
If you don't know who the Righteous Brothers are...
You've never been in love and lost that loving feeling.

I got things on my mind, that I just don't feel like giving a chance to be thought about.
Does that make sense?
The pastor at our church came out with a book this past weekend.
It is fantastic.
He is a gifted teacher, and funny sinner. He talks about his failures a lot, and in his failures I see a real man, struggling just as we all struggle and just because he's a pastor, doesn't mean he's above sinning.
(which is a terrible misconception I have. In my mind I think, well they have a direct line to the big man, of course they have super strength.) Boo on me for thinking that.
Anyways he cracks me up. In the second chapter he tells how he out right lies. Really? Pastor?
All for fishing. Now I don't understand why someone would be so enthusiastic about fishing, but this guy is and he's got fish tales to tell.
His wisdom and understanding of the bible draw me in. I want to grab a cup of coffee and cozy up and listen to every word he has to say. If you'd like to see Bob at his best, check out the online messages here. If you'd like to read Bob's new book, find it here.

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