Wednesday, June 15, 2011

House news.

We got the call yesterday that the mortgage company is going to except the short sale offer that was made on our house.
I would be lying if I said this wasn't a huge kick in the teeth. We had worked so long and hard to come to an agreement with the mortgage company to us they said NO. But they excepted an offer ~that makes me sick in the stomach~ low.
July 7th is the closing date. That is IF they can get the money lined up. IF they can get an inspection done. IF we can get a closing that quickly.
I have started packing. I'm not sure how I'm suppose to pack but it's started.
Without verifiable income we can not get approved for a rental.
This has been the hardest thing for me.
Rob and I had a heart to heart the other night where we compared feelings: Both of us feeling like we are swimming with anchors on our backs. He's still fighting, I'm still fighting...there is breath in our lungs and we are calling out to God.
This has been the longest endurance test of my life and I can only come out stronger.
On the job end, Rob has had some great interviews and interest, unfortunately commission only, no insurance jobs won't work for us.
I have not worked in nearly 9 years. My skill set will only get us so far, and it will take me away from my FIRST job, my children. I do realize that many households are a 2 income family. My background is pretty much ALL childcare. My husband and I have talked at length about what is and is not right for our family. My working for minimum wage this summer is not right for our family. That is all I'm going to say about that.

We are gearing up for a moving sale. I did not want to have a garage sale, they have always been far more work then profitable for me; but I am ready to do some purging!
Speaking of purging we got a nice solid offer on our dead as a doornail, not gonna ever run again unless you want to sink $$$$$ into it, Subaru. YES!

I have my moments, signing the papers yesterday was not a good one. Today though God is with me, and every time I turn my thoughts I am rewarded with His Peace. However I'd really like to rewarded with a solid job and rental. "wink wink".


  1. Sara, I have no words except that I am praying for you. I am so proud of you and how you have kept your eyes on God and I am so thankful that you are experiencing His peace!!

  2. You seem to be handling this so much better than I would. I get stressed out and consequently act very poorly at the smallest things. Still praying for you and hoping that your hubby will get an awesome job and y'all will find a great new home.


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