Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIng Ring.

I hear ringing, it's not quite a constant sound, but it happens often enough.
Luckily it is the phone, or should I say both phones. I don't know what happened but yesterday they were going bananas.
My cell phone, which I never use because I'm always home. My cell phone bugged me; I'd see commercials about apps and texting and email...what a PHONE can do that?
Oh sure, just not my lame-o one. I have a pay as you go model.
When Hubby got fired let go they took his phone. EVERYTHING was in there, well not everything, I'll get to that later... But all his contacts.
So he took over mine, I could care less and wished him luck because that darn thing never worked properly for me.
He really does have drive, he worked on it for nearly a week and yesterday he finally gave up.
"We need to get you a new phone." He said.
Oh, I knew this phone wasn't for me, it was for him, temporarily, you know until he got hired and got a new fancier one.
I wanted to stay with Blackberry, but not have a Nextel Blackberry, if you don't know what Nextel is ; it is a beepbeep "Are your there man? Roger, Roger one niner you copy?" Walkie talkie sort of gizmo, I hated it.
He would walkie me if I was taking too long in the fitting rooms:
"Hey, you about done in there? It's been 20 minutes, I was about to send a search party."
Real nice. That makes a girl feel good while she's wrestling with clothes that used to be the size...

Well, we found out the Nextel Blackberry wasn't compatible with the cell service plan I have: Boost.
No wonder the phone never worked right. (How in the world is a stay at home mom suppose to keep it all straight, excuse me I did not graduate from MIT.)

So, he picked the new fan dangled thing that is "touch screen".

He kindly let me see it, I am not liking it. Not at all. The sounds are different, There is no buttons, you have to slide things this way and that; I like BUTTONS to push, I feel like I need to give a retna scan to make a call on it.
So that phone has been ringing.
The land line has been ringing. Which are two very good things. Seems there are a lot of people that want to meet with my husband. Woo Hoo!

Now the part I told you would come later:
Last year about this time Rob came home with some pretty cool news: One of his vendors gave him tickets to the U2 concert. Well, Bono had to cancel because of his back and the concert was rescheduled for this summer. I hide those tickets.
Rob said to me today "Todd called me."

(Todd is the guy that gave Rob the tickets and we often joked that Todd would ask for the tickets back if Rob no longer worked for Metro.)

I said "And you told him I hide the tickets right?"

"I did."


"And he said 'Tell her she better find them before July 23rd cause you're gonna need em to get in the show.' Todd told me 'You're going man I want to see you and your wife there! Just making sure you still had the tickets.' "

"Awesome. I wasn't giving them back."

Rob hit me playfully on the butt and said "NO you weren't."

No I seriously wasn't.
You don't get box seat club level tickets to one of the greatest rock groups concerts and give them up. Besides now more then ever Rob needs to make contacts right?
For the record, if I had to I would have given them back, but I knew Todd would never ask ;0)

He has three interviews tomorrow and several lined up for Monday. I am so happy for him. It's good to see his smile coming back.

Today I got fed from the Proverbs devotion:

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:19

Lysa goes on to say that one of the subtle ways Satan tempts us is to plant the hesitant thought in our mind that God will not meet our needs- that God is not enough.

I love her prayer:

Dear Lord,
Help me to focus only on Your provision in my life today. I don't want to be separated from You, Your best plans for me or Your peace. Help me to notice when the enemy is trying to entice me with false desires, because they only lead to emptiness. In Jesus' name, Amen.

This was the sweetest ring of them all.

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