Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pet tails.

 See this little white fur ball? 
She's our new kitty.
We are all a bunch of suckers for homeless strays.
No really, Rob was at a party in college and the house had a dog, Lady, she fell in love with Rob so they let him have her. When he came home for the summer it turned out Lady wasn't such a "ahem" lady... She had puppies.
As for me I went to work one day ticked off at my boyfriend, one of the gals I worked with brought in a kitten that had been coming around her house. Boyfriend was allergic, so naturally I brought the kitten home. Next we have Louis, we showed up in our warehouse at work, my boss gave me instructions: "Find a home for that thing or I'll break it's neck."
I believe he would have, so I took him home. Now I had two cats and no boyfriend, I was well on my way to becoming "the cat lady".
Cue bar scene: busy, full of people. Pan left, two pretty women sitting at the bar talking intently. Pan right, two guys just walk in and scan the scene. They spot an opening at the bar, they go to place an order. Girl in the red sweater grimaces, turns to hand guy #1 a beer. he smiles, she stares...
You know the rest.
So now it's Lady, Tabby, Louis, Rob and Sara.
Lady is put down due to very ill health.
Louis gets fat.
Louis goes out one day and doesn't come back.
Pet store. Adoption day.
"We could use a dog." 
chow/retriever/lab mix.
Gabby is very distrusting of men.
Gabby hides under bed to get away from Rob.
Gabby tears up bedroom carpet trying to "escape".
Make a call to Vet.
Make a call to a pet therapist. (NO joke.)
Therapist tells me it will be like living with a special needs child.
Make a call to pet adoption organization who sold me said dog.
"Oh, yeah we've gotten nearly every puppy back from that litter."
No kidding? Gee, why do ya think that is?
Take dog back, they will work on rehabilitation.
Gabby does not return.
At a friends birthday party, told they have two kittens they found on the side of the rode.
Cassie Gin joins the family.
Cassie loves to hunt.
Visit friends that just got a new puppy.
The itch starts.
Random walk through mall, see black schnauzer.
Go home.
Piper Presley joins us.
Cassie enjoys staying out all night hunting.
Cassie enjoys leaving headless "gifts" on the deck and in yard.
Cassie gets a new home on a farm in a different city.
two months later Cassie shows up.
Cassie is locked inside at night.
two days later Cassie goes out, and never comes back.
Apparently she didn't like our rules.
Happy family: Rob, Sara, Nina, Nick, Dog-Piper, Cat-Tabby.
Kids go to VBS, Nana says we have a kitten living under the deck.
Kids want to go see kitten.
Kids see kitten and beg for kitten to come home with us.
Kitten must be a girl to stay.
What should we name kitten?
Nick~ "Bella"
Nina~ "Snowball"
"We are not naming the cat Snowball. Daddy what do you think?"
"I like Bella."
Bella it is, well we can call her Bella but she must have a full name.
Isabella Rascalini
Unless it turns out she's a he, then it's Max and Max will be living with Nana and Papa.

It has been a few days now. She is making her place in this family.

Tabitha was not happy, Piper thought we had gotten a new chew toy until she was on the receiving ends of sharp tiny claws!
She is mostly white, with a tuff of buff on the top of her head and two black tuffs on her neck. The tip of her tails also has black.
Bella is a pro at hide and seek. It is amazing how this little thing can find places.
She loves to sleep. If she's not sleeping she wants to eat, after a snack she likes to play.
We now own:
one cat scratch post.
one feather wand
three fuzzy mice with feather tails.
one twine mat.
one feather twine ribbon thing.
one empty box from the neighboring liquor store.
two litter boxes.
All for this little rascalini!

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